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the religious beliefs held by the people of the empire are numerous, and few people can claim to know them all. There are some deities who are worshipped by people from all walks of life, as well as those followed by members of the various breeds, and others who are served only by members of secret sects unknown to their neighbours or even outlawed by the Emperor himself. Gathering information about these faiths and their gods is unsurprisingly a difficult task which has taken me many years and is still a work in progress. Here is what information Ive gathered, and I hope that it proves helpful in navigating and understanding our webs of divine intrigue.

The Deities of Blackfire
Ashatem the Child of Darkness
Aurgal the Devourer
Borudun the Benefactor
Cartoran The Time Keeper
Caythilus God of the Forest
Ekirek the Burning One
Horned Rat King
Ihrlesh the Victor
Jerugal Queen of Maggots
Kyroksh the Destroyer
Kyzok Blood-Drinker
Lassor Storm Lord
Malishakan the Gatherer
Melisande the Child of Light
Morianna the Warrior
Nynenve the Veiled one
Syraskis the Lord of Treachery
Tria the Mistress of Peace
Vorlishar the Insane Master

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