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what is Blackfire? At the simplest level, Blackfire is a text based online game with a medievial fantasy theme. As a player you customize a character and enter a imaginary world, one similar to medieval Europe but with magic and dragons and demons thrown in for good measure. Players will enter the game as brave adventurers in search of fame, create a character (by choosing class, a breed, gender, and name), and then interact through text commands with the environment and other players. One of the most exciting aspects of Blackfire and one which is emphasized, is this ability to interact with other players in real time, sometimes as friends and other times as foes.

While an exact truth, stating that Blackfire is a game does not begin to embody any of the intricacies and realities of what it is like to play Blackfire. There is a working economy, religion, weather patterns, a huge wilderness that connects areas and all sorts of details that help bring a textured, living world to the player. Above all, Blackfire is about complete immersion into this carefully crafted world, hence roleplaying is strongly encouraged. For more background information about the world of Blackfire, read the story.

Now, entering our world, you will travel among vastly different areas, encounter the monsters and people that inhabit these areas, and, best of all, compete with one another for equipment, superiority, and recognition. You will likely find that you cannot succeed alone and you must make friends, or at least alliances, to survive. Occasionally, you may require the assistance of a higher power, but the gods who watch over the world should not be called upon at a whim.

Step inside, young adventurer, if you dare. Within these realms only your imagination is a limit.

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus
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