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these are the rules of the Game. Disobeying is grounds for deletion. For other matters, use common sense.

  • Remember that roleplaying is encouraged and rewarded. This means several things:
    • Quitting or dropping link to avoid consequences of any kind is a mark of bad roleplaying.
    • You may not share characters, nor trade them, nor give them away, nor let someone else play one of yours. This is absolutely horrendous for roleplaying as the character of the PC has changed, his/her personality will have changed, there won't be a history to the character anymore, the small details that flesh out a role will be gone. If you do this the character will be denied as the role is gone.
    • If a god imposes his will upon you, you must do it. Do not ask 'An Immortal' who they are. This question is considered rude and will not be answered.

  • Player stealing and killing is permitted and encouraged.

  • Do not loot others kills in LPK

  • Your presence here is a privilege, not a right. Obey any orders from gods, and you will be fine.

  • Multicharring:
      You may play more than one character, but you may only have one logged in at a time, and none of your characters will ever have knowledge that another of characters ever exist in any way. Yes, this does include children, siblings, spouses. Your characters cannot have any knowledge of another, and family relations by their very definition do. Leaving equipment lying around so your other characters can pick up later also falls into this category. You also may not locate objects for your other characters, or recommend your other characters for things they could not possibly know about (cabals, for instance).

  • OOC friends/RL friends (Out of Character/Real Life):
      It is fine for you to be grouped with, and associate with people you know in real life, provided you can roleplay your association with them. If we see people exchanging equipment without roleplaying, and without a justifiable cause, we may suspect that you are actually multicharring. So when in doubt, don't do it.

  • Anyone who assists people in multicharring, i.e. holding equipment while they transfer it, 'looking the other way', etc will be punished harshly.

  • Do not, in any way, shape or form, exploit bugs. It will result in the loss of levels. Repeat, do not exploit bugs, you will be reduced in level. If the case is severe you may lose your character. All bugs should be reported to a god.

  • Spamming is illegal. (Spam is filling up someone's screen with needless repetition of anything) You will be given one warning and then deleted. Don't do it. Spamming doors shot etc to hinder others movement is illegal too.

  • No advertising allowed. If it comes up in conversation, keep it short.

  • Sexual/Racial harrassment will not be tolerated. If both parties do not consent to the socials/emotes, then don't do them.

    • Do not hold onto, sacrifice, or otherwise dispose of keys in order to DENY other players entrance to a zone. The ONLY reason to get keys is to run the zone in the immediate future. If you have keys that you will NOT use,
      1. If no one is IN or NEARBY the zone, you may sac the key. If you are unsure if anyone is around, or IF THE GAME HAS BEEN RUNNING FOR LESS THAN 1 HOUR DO NUMBER TWO.
      2. If players are nearby or in the zone, you may give them the key, or drop the key in an ACCESSIABLE location within the zone that the key is loaded in and/or used in. If you are not sure what to do with a key, ask a god.
      Bending these rules will be dealt with accordingly. Keep in mind, THE ONLY REASON TO GET A KEY IS TO USE THAT KEY IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE. Keys are a very touchy subject, and difficult to 'patrol'. Abuse of keys will not be tolerated.
    • Do not invis a key when dropping it. Dispel any invisible keys if you must drop the key (unless the key LOADS by the GAME as invisible). Again, ask a god for assistance if you are unsure what to do.

  • Bots (roBot) -- Making bot scripts is illegal. "Bots" are where a script controls your character. Scripts to run zones, repeatidly kill mobs, or otherwise benefit your character while you are not in immediate control of your character are illegal. Allowing people to control you via telepaths, says, formtell, or any communication channel, or via 3rd party programs, is illegal. Simple scripts for allowing friends, clannies, form members, etc to recieve minor benefits (eg: auto-cleric scripts) are okay, as long as you are active and in complete and immediate control of your character.

  • Useless characters will not be tolerated. This includes people who log on just to shout obscenities, or advertise other muds, to hold eqiupment or gold for their other characters, or anything else that is indicative of them wasting our time, your time, etc. You will be warned once -- This includes bringing a player up to the stat rolling stage and leaving them there for a few hours with a program designed to get the perfect stats. More so if you have more than one of these characters on at once. This adds to lag for everyone, and any player seen doing this will be disconnected.

These are simple, clear rules. If you violate them you WILL be punished. Punishments may vary, depending on previous rules violations and the situation. Be prepared for the worst if you are caught breaking these rules.

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