Blackfire - Thou shalt suffer!
The Empire
">The Empire

elcome to weary stranger! You are adventurer number to step inside my sanctuary. Have a mug of ale, and listen up, for I will reveal to you, the secrets of the Empire.

DaemonRestless at heart, I started my misadventures at the age of 17, traveling further and further away from proud Talorien as the years passed and my experience increased. I was always careful to jot down every little detail of what I learned, so that one day my tales would be available inspire and help other proud adventurers following in my footsteps.

Time however passes quickly, and as the strength of youth ebb, I may one day have to settle down and end my career as an adventurer. Therefore, if you have a story or any useful information that you would like to share, I'd be very happy to include your contribution to my tomes.

Lafay, the Harvester of Sorrow
The 29th Day of the Month of Omens, Year 30.

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus
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